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Founded 1990
Headquarters UK

MotiveTime, Ltd. was a division of Elite and was founded by Brian and Steve Wilcox. Most of the development team from Elite would move over to MotiveTime and would pay their employees bonuses based on the company's profits, but over time, the profits eventually reduced to virtually nothing. What may have happened is MotiveTime's profits were kept deliberately low so as not to pay out big bonuses. One way this was done was by the company leasing computer equipment and office space off Elite at inflated prices as well as using some of the remaining Elite staff as "consultants".


Music Development


Mark Cooksey wrote MIDI files and converted them to his GameBoy sound engine.


Mark Cooksey wrote a sound engine. Because he had some difficulty creating instruments on the Mega Drive because of its FM chip, he asked Sega to give him some example instruments.


Mark Cooksey wrote MIDI files in Notator for the Atari ST and then converted them to his sound engine.


Richard Frankish created the sound driver. It was used by Mark Cooksey and Tony Williams.

Audio Personnel