Atari ST

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Atari ST
Atari ST.jpg
Released: 1985-06-??
Discontinued: 1993-??-??
Developer: Atari
Type: Hardware & Software

The Atari ST is the successor to the popular Atari 8-bit line of home computers. The first model, the 520ST, was released in June 1985 and included the very first bitmap-based graphical user interface. Though it was able to obtain a respectable market share, it was displaced by IBM clones running the inferior DOS platform.



Atari produced several variations of the ST, and then went on to make additional base models including the STE, MEGA STE, TT030, and Falcon030.

Music and Sound

The each model of the Atari ST included an on-board YM2149, a 3 channel PSG.