4Four (W32)

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Platform: Windows 32
Year: 2004
Developer: Guilherme Stutz Töws
Online: Download

4Four is a basic action/adventure platformer meant to resemble an retro Commodore game. The object is to collect the necessary elements to find a cure for the flesh-eating virus that is plaguing all life. Animals are now dangerous mutants that must be killed or avoided. If you are able to safely navigate the map and find all the special items you will help your fellow humans survive. Don't expect too much from it since it was pieced together in a matter of hours.


4Four - W32 - Title.png

The title screen.

4Four - W32 - Game Start.png

Starting a new game.

4Four - W32 - Adventuring.png

Beginning the adventure.

4Four - W32 - Killing Bats.png

Killing red bats.

4Four - W32 - Blue Room.png

Wandering around the map.

4Four - W32 - High Score Table.png

The high score table.


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4Four - W32 - Album Art.jpg

There is only one song for all of 4Four, which is a catchy little ditty by Matthew Steele. It's just shy of 3 minutes which is exciting enough when you first play the game, but tends to get annoying after several loops.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 4Four Matthew Steele 2:52


(Source: Included text file)

Game Rip



IT.png S3M.png WAV.png



The music of 4Four is in IT format, and the sound effects use WAV. Earlier versions of 4Four were released with the song in S3M format. Only the IT version is used in the game, the S3M was probably the original format and then converted to IT to work in the game's music engine (Audiere). Both formats are included in the rip download. The music and sound effects are in the game's root path. The recording was made with Winamp.


  World.svg   World
Title: 4Four
Platform: Windows 32
Released: 2004-04-02
Publisher: Zaratustra Productions