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Output - PCM.svg
4Four - W32 - Killing Bats.png
Composer Matthew Steele
Arranger Matthew Steele
Released 2004-04-02
Length 2:52
Format IT.png
Game 4Four (W32)
Title Origin File Name
Loops Yes

4Four is the music for the game of the same name. It is the one and only track in the game, and it plays on repeat for the entire time you play.

The song was composed by Matthew Steele and probably composed in S3M format and then converted to IT as evidenced by the fact that both formats are distributed with the game, but only the Impulse Tracker version is used.

The song begins with a sole klaxon sound and then begins to pick up with percussion and other instruments. It plays for just shy of 3 minutes and then repeats.