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Player - Winamp.png
Creator Nullsoft, Inc.
Released 1997-04-21
Platform Android, Macintosh, Windows

Winamp is a plugin-based media player for Android, Macintosh, and Windows. It has a large library of 3rd party plugins, including enough to play almost all of the formats used by video games.

Winamp hasn't seen an official update in several years; the last official release was 5.666. At the end of 2013, AOL sold the rights to Winamp to Radionomy, who is currently in the process of revamping the website to resume development and distribution.

Audio Formats

The full free version of the program comes with the following plugins:

Nullsoft CD Plugin

Winamp can play standard Redbook Audio if the game disc is in the CD-ROM.

Nullsoft FLAC Decoder

Supports FLAC at all compression levels.

Nullsoft MIDI Player

Supports CMF, HMI, HMP, MIDI, MUS, RMI, and XMI. Playback of General MIDI works perfectly and custom MIDI instrument banks in DLS format are supported. The CMF playback does not properly support the AdLib samples. XMI playback does not support all of the XMI capabilities. MUS is turned off by default and must be activated.

Nullsoft Module Decoder

Supports the following formats:

Format Player Notes
669 Composer 669
AMF Digital Sound and Music Interface
FAR Farandole Composer
IT Impulse Tracker Doesn't support all features.
MOD ProTracker Supports various clones as well.
MOD (Soundtracker) Soundtracker Not 100% complete.
MOD (Ultimate Soundtracker) The Ultimate Soundtracker Not 100% complete.
MTM Multitracker
OKT Oktalyzer Several songs fail to recognize.
PTM PolyTracker
STM Scream Tracker 2 Not 100% complete.
S3M Scream Tracker 3
ULT Ultra Tracker
XM Fasttracker II

Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder

Support audio layers MP1, MP2, and MP3 from the MPEG standard.

Nullsoft MPEG-4 Audio Decoder

Supports M4A.

Nullsoft Vorbis Decoder

Supports OGG.

Nullsoft Waveform Decoder

Supports AIFF, AU, WAV, RAW, VOC

Nullsoft Windows Media Decoder

Supports ASF and WMA.


While Winamp comes with plenty of built-in plugins, there is also a huge library of third-party plugins as well.


You can download the latest version of Winamp at their official download site.