Brian Howarth

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Brian Howarth
Born January 22, 1953 (Age 59)
Birth Place Bispam, Blackpool, United Kingdom
Nationality British   UK.svg

Brian Howarth was a British game programmer and sound designer. Ever since 1990, he has been living in Moorpark, California. He has a wife and two sons.


Released Title Sample
1988/??/?? Heroes of the Lance (AST)
1988/??/?? Heroes of the Lance (CPC)
1991/??/?? ABC's Wide World of Sport Boxing (DOS)
1991/??/?? Might & Magic: Gates to Another World (GEN)
1991/??/?? TV Sports: Boxing (AMI)
1992/12/?? Cal Ripken Jr.'s Baseball (SNES)
1993/05/?? Batman Returns (SCD) Sound
1993/08/02 Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends (GEN)
1993/10/?? Cliffhanger (SNES)