Chip Level Designs

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Chip Level Designs
Born Unknown
Birth Place Unknown
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Chip Level Designs designed sound drivers for the Super Nintendo. They also developed the MusiCart.

Chip Level Designs may be the alias of one person, but it is unknown. In Kawasaki Caribbean Challenge, it credits Mike J. Henry and Lawrence Hiler for creating the sound driver and lists Chip Level Designs as the music player, so it is possible that Chip Level Designs is just those two people.


Released Title Sample
Unreleased Bobby's World (SNES) Sound Driver
1993/01/?? The Hunt For Red October (SNES) Sound Driver
1993/04/?? Tom and Jerry (SNES) Sound Driver
1993/05/?? Bubsy in: Claws Encounters of Furred Kind (SNES) Music Driver
1993/06/?? Kawasaki Caribbean Challenge (SNES) Music Player
1994/07/10 Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls (SNES) Sound/Music Player
1994/10/?? The Lion King (SNES) SNES Sound Driver
1995/11/?? Earthworm Jim 2 (SNES) Audio Driver