Arctic (series)

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Founded 1988-05-??
Last Release 1990-02-23

Arctic was a puzzle game created by Artdink and published by Pony Canyon. The game is self-described as "active rail playing", and was exclusive to the Japanese market, though can be played by those who don't speak Japanese due to its simplicity. The game was exclusively released for Japanese home computers, before making its way to the Famicom as the only home console release.

The goal of the game is to return the colored balls to their respective stations.


Notable Songs

The Famicom and MSX2 versions' sound test gives official names of the songs. This sound test may or may not be present in other versions of the game.


Notable Audio Personnel

Because all of the versions of Arctic lack credits, it is unknown who composed the music. The credits may be in the manuals of certain versions of the game. Yoshio Kobayashi arranged the Famicom and MSX2 versions.

Notable Companies

Crosstalk may have also been involved developing the Famicom version, as its sound engine is shared with Hillsfar (NES), a game confirmed to be developed by them.


Arctic Platform - FC.png • Platform - FM7.png • Platform - MSX.png • Platform - PC88.png • Platform - PC98.png • Platform - X1.png
Notable Songs Arctic Main BGM
Notable Personnel Unknown • Yoshio Kobayashi
Notable Companies Artdink • Crosstalk • Pony Canyon