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Arctic - MSX2 - Japan.jpg
Platform: MSX2
Year: 1989
Developer: Crosstalk

Arctic is a puzzle game originally developed by Artdink, the same company behind the A-Train games. It was ported to the MSX2 by Crosstalk. The game plays in a similar fashion to A-Train, but is unique in its own ways. There are blue and yellow balls that move around the track when you press the Return button, and your goal is to guide the balls back to their respective-colored stations. You can move all the blue tracks at once with the Left button and all the yellow tracks with the Right button. You must also watch out for the silver balls on the track, which will send your balls back in the opposite direction. However, this is sometimes necessary to send balls in the proper direction. There are also red balls on some stages, which if any blue or yellow balls come into contact with the red balls, the game is over.

The game also has a level select screen, so you don't have to start the whole game over whenever you turn off the game.

Though the game is completely in English, it was never released outside of Japan, possibly because Pony Canyon or FCI didn't believe the game would sell well.

The game was also released for other home computers such as the PC-9801 and Famicom.


Arctic - MSX2 - Title Screen.png

The game's title screen.

Arctic - MSX2 - Gameplay 1.png

Playing the first level.

Arctic - MSX2 - Gameplay 2.png

Round 2

Arctic - MSX2 - Gameplay 3.png

Round 30.

Arctic - MSX2 - Game Over BGM.png

Game Over.

Arctic - MSX2 - Winner BGM.png

I win!


Arctic has a nice variety of music. There are eight songs that play before a round starts. Unfortunately, the player only gets to hear a few seconds before the songs fade out. Fortunately, there is a music test, which can be accessed by pressing Left at the title screen. On top of that, the music test contains song titles. These song titles would be carried over to the Famicom version's music test. However, the song City Route 201 was retitled to City Route XYZ for the Famicom version.

There is an in-game tune as well, which, while fast-paced to match the action of the game, can get annoying because of how quickly it loops, as well as the fact that it's the only in-game song.

The MSX2 version, like the Famicom, had its music arranged by Yoshio Kobayashi. According to Kobayashi, he isn't sure who did the new music, but said it was possible a part-time employee who worked at Crosstalk composed them. It is most like the main theme, stage clear, and game over themes were composed by an employee at Artdink. To arrange the music, Yoshio sequenced his music on a piece of software for the PC-8001 mkII, and gave the sequenced data to Kazuhisa Mitani to implement into the game.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Arctic Main BGM UnknownYoshio Kobayashi 1:54
02 Arctic Game BGM UnknownYoshio Kobayashi 1:33
03 Ran Ran Ran UnknownYoshio Kobayashi 0:36
04 One Night King UnknownYoshio Kobayashi 0:45
05 Fighting Ball! UnknownYoshio Kobayashi 0:31
06 Nori! Nori! UnknownYoshio Kobayashi 0:31
07 City Route 201 UnknownYoshio Kobayashi 0:31
08 Final Touch Down UnknownYoshio Kobayashi 0:31
09 Children Plaza UnknownYoshio Kobayashi 0:31
10 Pri Pri Hips! UnknownYoshio Kobayashi 0:31
11 Game Over BGM UnknownYoshio Kobayashi 0:07
12 Winner BGM UnknownYoshio Kobayashi 0:08



(Source: Verification from Yoshio Kobayashi; game lacks credits.)

There are no credits in the game, but the manual should be checked for credits. Yoshio Kobayashi confirmed his and Mitani's role in the MSX2 version of the game.

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Arctic - MSX2 - Japan.jpg
Title: アークティック (Arctic)
Platform: MSX2
Released: 1989-07-??
Publisher: Pony Canyon Inc.


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Notable Songs Arctic Main BGM
Notable Personnel Unknown • Yoshio Kobayashi
Notable Companies Artdink • Crosstalk • Pony Canyon