Commander Keen: Keen Dreams (DOS)

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Keen Dreams
Commander Keen - Keen Dreams - DOS - USA.jpg
Platform: DOS
Year: 1991
Developer: id Software
For other games in the series see Commander Keen.

Commander Keen: Keen Dreams is sometimes referred to as the lost Keen, since Softdisk retained the rights, and never bothered to push it very hard. It exists between Commander Keen 3 and 4, but it uses the same engine as Commander Keen IV: Secret of the Oracle (DOS). Once again, you play Billy Blaze, but instead of saving the world, you have to save yourself from terrible nightmares brought on from not eating your vegetables. Even though there is a setup screen for music, Keen Dreams doesn't have any music. The game is included in the Wiki because there is a story behind the reason it lacks music.



Title screen.


The main menu.


The overworld map.


Avoid the racing horseradishes.


Jumping squash are no laughing matter.


Big scary tomato monster in the rapids.


id Software intended for Keen Dreams to have music. In fact, Bobby Prince composed the song You've Got to Eat Your Vegetables!! for the game's introduction. However, Softdisk Publishing wanted Keen Dreams to fit on a single 360K floppy disk, and in order to do this, id Software had to scrap the game's music at the last minute. They didn't even have time to remove the music setup menu. "You've Got to Eat Your Vegetables" would finally make its debut in Commander Keen IV: Secret of the Oracle (DOS).

The Nintendo Switch release of the game contains a full soundtrack.


This game did not have music.

# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 You've Got to Eat Your Vegetables!! (Unreleased) Bobby Prince 1:56


(Game lacks credits)

Game Rip

This game did not have music.

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Commander Keen - Keen Dreams - DOS - USA.jpg
Title: Commander Keen: Keen Dreams
Platform: DOS
Released: 1991-??-??
Publisher: Softdisk Publishing


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Notable Songs Too Hot to Handle • You've Got to Eat Your Vegetables!!
Notable Personnel Bobby Prince
Notable Companies id Software • 3D Realms