Stojanow Gate - Pool of Radiance (NES)

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Stojanow Gate
Composer Seiji Toda
Released 1991-06-28

Stojanow Gate plays when the party is at Stojanow Gate. The song continues to play in Valjevo Castle.

The song plays in the key of A at approximately 133 BPM and is in the 6/8 time signature. A piano-like instrument plays a loop throughout the entire song, as well as the drums and bass. After 8 measures, the lead instrument plays a solo phrase that is repeated. At the end of the solo, the instrument plays a 3-note loop, in which one of the notes bends up a microtone (quarter-step) sharp; the only song in the game to do so. After the solo repeats, the song loops from the beginning.

The song was written by Seiji Toda in Music Macro Language. Seiji should be contacted for an official title.


Pool of Radiance (PC98)

Platform - PC98.png
Pool of Radiance (PC98)
Output - OPNA.svg
Arranger Masayuki Kurinaga
Released 1989-12-21
Length 0:44
BPM 130
Format VGZ
Loops Yes

Pool of Radiance (NES)

Platform - NES.png
Pool of Radiance (NES)
Output - NES.svg
Pool of Radiance - NES - Stojanow Gate.png
Arranger Seiji Toda
Released 1991-06-28
Length 0:43
BPM 133
Format NSF
Loops Yes