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Founded 1989
Closed 1993
Headquarters Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
Other Names Punk Development
Developer Resources

RazorSoft Inc. was a video game development and publishing company.

They were among the earliest licensees to produce games for the Genesis. However, Sega and RazorSoft soon got involved in a legal spat whose exact circumstances are still unclear.

RazorSoft's first two games, Stormlord and Techno Cop, were developed under license, but the cartridges were manufactured by RazorSoft itself. It is speculated that this displeased Sega, who usually made a good profit from this service, and this led them to rescind RazorSoft's license. In July 1991, RazorSoft sued, alleging that Sega's actions were a violation the Sherman Antitrust Act. Sega immediately countersued, alleging that RazorSoft had committed fraud, breach of contract, and unauthorized use of Sega's intellectual property. The two companies ended their lawsuits in a sealed settlement. RazorSoft's subsequent games for the Genesis were manufactured by Sega.[3]

Most of RazorSoft's games were developed by subsidiary Punk Development, located in Sunnyvale, CA. When RazorSoft ended this partnership in 1991, Punk's founder Jeff Spangenberg started a new studio, composed mostly of former Punk personnel: Iguana Entertainment. Kevin Seghetti, Scott Statton and artist Melaine Seghetti started Developer Resources, and other of RazorSoft's employees including Bruce Hammond and David O'Connor started out Silicon Sorcery.

When they published video games, they prohibited use of game credits. Though some games like Death Duel (GEN) and Jerry Glanville's Pigskin Football (GEN) get away with the credits.


Music Development


The company used a sound driver by Kevin Seghetti. He used a 6502 assembly converter.

Audio Personnel