Paul Tonge

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Paul Tonge
Paul Tonge - 4.jpg
Born Unknown
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality English   England.svg
Aliases Sound Images

Paul Tonge is an English video game musician. He is good friends with Tony Williams and was with Tony's company Sound Images.

Paul later ended up working on games for Software Creations, his job usually being to arrange composers' music from the consoles to the handheld ports. Paul appears to have left the games industry around 1999.


Released Title Sample Notes
1988-??-?? Chuckie Egg (AMI)
1989-??-?? Chuckie Egg II (AMI)
1989-??-?? Demon's Kiss (C64)
1989-??-?? Never Mind (AMI)
1989-??-?? Shinobi (AMI)
1989-??-?? Xenon (C64)
1990-??-?? Blinky's Scary School (AMI)
1990-??-?? Future Basketball (AMI)
1990-??-?? Nitro (AMI)
1990-??-?? Judge Dredd (AMI)
1990-??-?? NARC (C64)
1990-??-?? Pro Mountain Bike Simulator (C64)
1990-??-?? Saint Dragon (C64)
1990-??-?? Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (AMI)
1991-??-?? MoonFall (AMI)
1991-??-?? Oh No! More Lemmings (AMI)
1991-??-?? Pang (C64)
1991-??-?? Sharkey's Moll (AMI)
1991-??-?? Smash T.V. (AMI)
1991-??-?? Super Monaco G.P. (AMI)
1991-??-?? Viz - The Game (AMI)
1992-??-?? International Ice Hockey (AMI)
1992-??-?? Power Factor (LYNX)
1993-??-?? The Ancient Art of War in the Skies (AMI)
1993-??-?? Tinhead (GEN)
1994-??-?? Holiday Lemmings 1994 (AMI)
1994-09-18 Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage (SNES)
1994-09-18 Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage (GEN)
1994-12-?? The Tick (SNES)
1995-??-?? Foreman for Real (GB)
1995-??-?? Foreman for Real (GEN)
1995-??-?? Foreman for Real (GG)
1995-09-28 Foreman for Real (SNES)
1995-11-?? Spider-Man & Venom: Separation Anxiety (SNES)
1996-02-22 Cutthroat Island (SNES)
1997-10-?? Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball: Game Boy Edition (GB) Arranger?
1998-12-?? The Rugrats Movie (GB)
1999-02-28 The Rugrats Movie (GBC)
1999-11-?? Rugrats: Time Traveler (GBC)
Unreleased Loopz (LYNX)

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