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Founded August 3, 1970
Headquarters 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Ebisu Garden Place Tower, 27th floor
Other Names
  • Pack-In-Video, Co., Ltd.
  • Pack-In-Soft
  • Marvelous Interactive, Inc.
  • ぱっく いん びでお

Pack-In-Video (株式会社パック·イン·ビデオ Pakku In Bideo = Pack-In-Video Co., Ltd.) was a Japanese game developer. They were known for developing movie or television based titles on older consoles, such as the NES. When they first started game development, the lead game designer there was developing for the Famicom for a part-time job. They were indifferent to inserting credits in their games. Only a couple of their Nintendo titles had credits. They are now known as Marvelous Entertainment.


Music Development


According to Toru Miyazawa, Pack-In-Video's sound driver was programmed by Junichi Saito. He would write his music by hand on sheet music paper, and then code it into his Music Macro Language-based sound driver by hand.

Audio Personnel