Nice Weather, Ain't It!

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Nice Weather, Ain't It!
Output - SNES.svg
Output - SNES.svg
Live A Live - SFC - Caveman Swarm.png
Composer Yoko Shimomura
Released 1994-09-02
Length 1:19
Format SPC.png
Game Live A Live (SFC)
Title Origin Official
Loops Yes

Nice Weather, Ain't It! is the overworld theme for the prehistoric chapter, "Contact". It plays inside the cave as well as the outside area where you can sniff out enemies.

It later plays during the first half of the chapter staff roll.

This song is track 11 on the official soundtrack, but there is also a softer, slower variation of the song that is not on the official soundtrack and does not have an official name. It plays in the cave during the night that you first find Bel.

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  • English: Nice Weather, Ain't It!
  • Japanese: いいお天気でしょ!
  • Romaji: Ii otenki desho!
  • Translation: Nice Weather, Ain't It!