Masashi Itoi

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Masashi Itoi
Local 糸井 雅史 (いとい まさし)
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg

Masashi Itoi was credited in a few games as a programmer, as well as a sound programmer. There is little known about him, other than he possibly worked for a company called Mars Corp., a company that may have changed its name to Athena.


Released Title Sample
1989-04-07 Garfield no Isshukan: A Week of Garfield (FC) (ガーフィールドの一週間) Sound Driver?
1990-02-23 Taikyoku Renju (GB) (対局連珠) Sound Programmer
1990-10-05 Fish Dude (GB) (うお〜ず) Sound Programmer
1991-06-28 Fastest 1 (SMD) (ファステスト・ワン) Sound Driver
1992-03-27 Thunder Pro Wrestling Retsuden (SMD) (サンダープロレスリング列伝) Sound Driver?