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Commodore Magic Voice Speech Module
Magic Voice - Cartridge - Diagonal.jpg
Developer: Commodore
Released: 1984-0?-??
Type: External Device
Slot: Commodore 64 expansion, Commodore V364 built-in
Platforms: Platform - C64.pngPlatform - CP4.png

The Commodore Magic Voice Speech Module (shortened in the manual to the Magic Voice) is a speech playback peripheral for the Commodore 64 8-bit home computer.

In the box came a manual for users and programmers, an optional cable, and a large cartridge to plug into the C64's expansion port. On top of the cartridge is another expansion port, as a passthrough, to plug a game cartridge in. On the right are two RCA jacks: a black one to connect to your speaker, and a red one to pass the C64's own audio through. Inside are a Toshiba T6721A synthesizer chip and a ROM. The ROM features a driver for easy use in BASIC and assembly programs, and a vocabulary of 235 female-spoken utterances (i.e. words and syllables). Programmers can change the speed before every utterance.

In January 1984, Commodore announced the V364. It was never officially released, but three computers exist and it is emulated. It is a Plus/4 with a built-in Magic Voice. The driver was revised to be compatible, and 26 utterances were added.


All three known games provide their own vocabulary and detect if (or assume that) the Magic Voice is present. It is unknown if anyone but Commodore could arrange utterances. Ironically, it probably is the most supported playback peripheral for Commodore platforms.

Release Game
1983-0?-?? A Bee C's (C64)
1984-0?-?? Wizard of Wor (C64)
1984-0?-?? Gorf (C64)
Unreleased Counting Bee (C64)
Unreleased The Magic Garden (C64)
Unreleased The Magic Workshop (C64)
Unreleased The Spelling Bee (C64)

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Emulation Status

The Magic Voice is emulated by YAPE 1.2.0 and VICE 3.2. It seems more intelligible in YAPE. The aforementioned ROM does not come with VICE.