Yasuhiro Inazawa

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Yasuhiro Inazawa
Yasuhiro Inazawa - 1.jpg
Local 稲澤 康博 (いなざわ やすひろ)
Born Unknown
Birth Place Takasago, Hyogo, Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases 如月 ゆうき (Yūki Kisaragi)
Soramimi Koubou
Website http://www.soramimist.com

Yasuhiro Inzawa (also known as Yuki Kisaragi) is a Japanese composer and sound designer. He composed the music for video games from 1996 to 2003. He attended Osaka Art University for Musicology and graduated in 1991.

Yasuhiro currently operates Soramimi Workshop, which specializes in audio production for various media.

Music Development

Game Boy Color

Originally, it was created with software called comeon music recomposer.

I converted it to MML using the converter made by the manufacturer. (Vision Works)

I adjusted it finely and made it into the data of the GBC.


Released Title Platform Notes
1996-01-26 Bogey: Dead 6 (PS1) (サイドワインダーU.S.A)
1996-07-12 Last Guardian 2 (PC98) (ラストガーディアン2 〜黄泉の封印〜)
1996-07-12 Last Guardian 2 (W16)
1997-03-28 Dragon Master Silk (SAT) (ドラゴンマスターシルク)
1997-06-27 Arubarea no Otome (PCFX) (アルバレアの乙女)
1997-09-25 Roomate: Ryouko in Summer Vacation Shokai Genteiban (SAT) (ルームメイト 〜涼子インサマーバケーション〜 【初回限定版】)
1997-12-18 Texthoth Ludo: Arcanum Senki (SAT) (テクストート・ルド アルカナ戦記)
1999-03-11 Captain Love!! (PS1) (キャプテン・ラヴ!!)
1999-04-23 Top Gear Pocket (GBC) (トップギア・ポケット)
2001-03-21 Top Gear GT Championship (GBA) (全日本GT選手権)
2001-05-10 Death Crimson OX (DC) (デスクリムゾン オックス)
2003-11-27 Death Crimson OX (PS2)

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