Yoshiyuki Ishii

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Yoshiyuki Ishii
Local 石井 吉幸 (いしい よしゆき)
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Donjoy Ishii, Donjoy Racha

Yoshiyuki Ishii is a Japanese composer, sound designer and sound programmer. He started off working at Marionette under Hironari Tadokoro who taught him MML and sound programming. During his time at Marionette, he primarily worked on the Game Boy, NES, and SNES. In 1995, he left Marionette and started working for I'Max's development division, Betop. There, he primarily worked on the SNES, and also programmed their sound engine. During his time at Betop, he mainly worked with Dota Ando. Eventually, Ishii and Ando left Betop to join Yasuko Yamada's sound group Reeb.

It appears Ishii left the video game industry around 2005 after doing some work on the Playstation 2.

Audio Development

Game Boy/NES

Yoshiyuki used sound drivers by his superior, Hironari Tadokoro. These drivers required the use of MML.


Ishii, like many others, reprogrammed Nintendo's Kankichi-kun for his own needs, in particular, the Ver. S1.20 version.


Released Title Sample Notes
1990-06-15 Card Game (GB) (カード・ゲーム) Music Dataman with Hironari Tadokoro.
1991-02-08 Onigashima Pachinko Parlors (GB) (鬼ヶ島パチンコ店) Music Dataman
1991-06-28 Pool of Radiance (NES) (プール・オブ・レイディアンス)
Music Coder
1992-12-11 Pachiokun Special (SFC) (パチ夫くん SPECIAL)
1993-08-06 Atsushi Onita: FMW (SFC) (大仁田厚FMW) Sound Program/Sound Edit
1994-05-20 Pachiokun Special 2 (SFC) (パチ夫くんSPECIAL2) Composer?/Sound Driver
1994-12-02 Dokapon 3-2-1 (SFC) (ドカポン3・2・1 嵐を呼ぶ友情) With Dota Ando.
1995-02-01 Dokapon Gaiden: Honoo no Audition (SFC) (ドカポン外伝 炎のオーディション) Composer?/Sound Driver
1995-04-14 Res Arcana: Diana Ray: Uranai no Meikyuu (SFC) (ディアーナ・レイ 占いの迷宮) Sound Driver
1995-07-14 Super Keirin (SFC) (スーパー競輪) Composer?/Sound Driver
1995-10-13 Insmouse no Yakata (VB) (インスマウスの館) With Dota Ando.
1995-12-01 Ball Bullet Gun: Survival Game Simulation (SFC) (ボール・ブレット・ガン) With Dota Ando.
1995-12-01 Pachiokun Special 3 (SFC) (パチ夫くんSPECIAL3) Composer?/Sound Driver
1995-12-08 American Battle Dome (SFC) (アメリカンバトルドーム) Composer?/Sound Driver
1995-12-29 Super Shougi 3: Kitaihei (SFC) (スーパー将棋3 棋太平) Composer?/Sound Driver
1996-08-09 Cyber Doll (SAT) (サイバードール)
1996-12-27 Mini-4 Boy (GB) (ミニ4ボーイ)
1997-04-25 Pro Yakyuu Nettou Puzzle Stadium (SFC) (プロ野球熱闘ぱずるスタジアム) Sound Driver
1997-09-26 Mini-4 Boy II (GB) (ミニ4ボーイ2)
1998-04-02 Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena (PS1) (ブリガンダイン 幻想大陸戦記) Sound Engineer
1998-07-23 Ski Air Mix (PS1)
2000-02-24 The Ring: Terror's Realm (DC)
2000-07-14 Dokapon?! Millennium Quest (GBC) (ドカポン?! ミレニアムクエスト)
2003-07-17 Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World (PS2) (キノの旅) Composed all but two songs.
2003-12-25 Spy Fiction (PS2) (スパイ フィクション)
2005-05-26 Choro Q Works (PS2) (チョロQワークス) With Yasuko Yamada, Keisuke Ogawa, and Yasuyuki Suzuki.