Yoshito Tomuro

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Yoshito Tomuro
Yoshito Tomuro - 02.jpg
Local 戸室 仁人 (とむろ よしと)
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Y.Tomuro

Yoshito Tomuro is a Japanese composer who worked at Namco. He is probably best known for composing the music to Pac-Mania.


Released Title Sample Notes
1987-??-?? Pac-Mania (ARC) (パックマニア)
With Junko Ozawa and Yuriko Keino.
1988-??-?? World Stadium (ARC) (プロ野球ワールドスタジアム) With Yuriko Keino.
1989-??-?? Pro Yakyuu World Stadium '89 (ARC) (プロ野球ワールドスタジアム '89 開幕版!!) With Yuriko Keino and Junko Ozawa.
1990-??-?? Pro Yakyuu World Stadium '90 (ARC) (プロ野球ワールドスタジアム '90) With Yuriko Keino and Junko Ozawa.
1991-07-12 Magical Puzzle Popils (GG) (マジカルパズルポピルズ)
2001-12-?? Kotoba no Puzzle: Mojipittan (ARC) (ことばのパズル もじぴったん) Pac-Man Stage: Arrangement
2002-07-?? Techno Beat (ARC) (テクノビート)
2007-09-18 Namco Museum DS (NDS) (ナムコミュージアムDS) Pac-Man Vs.: Stage BGM 1 Original.
Arranged by Manabu Namiki.

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