Yasuyuki Suzuki

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Yasuyuki Suzuki
Local 鈴木康行 (すずき やすゆき)
Born 1963/1964?
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases がりれお SUZU (Galileo Suzu)
Who? He すずき (Suzuki)

Yasuyuki Suzuki was a Japanese composer and sound designer, known for his numerous works with Jaleco. He joined the company around 1990 and left around 1994. Though he primarily worked on home consoles, he also composed a few arcade titles as well. During his time with Jaleco, he rarely worked alone, and usually worked alongside the likes of Atsuyoshi Isemura and Takahiro Ogata among various others. Some of his best known works include Soldam, Plasma Ball, and Ikari no Yousai SFC.

In 1995, Suzuki started working for Artdink, famous for their A-Train series. Some of his notable works with the company include Tail of the Sun and its successor Kyojin no Doshin 1 for the Nintendo 64DD. After leaving Artdink, he became a freelance sound artist and as a result, worked with various companies. For his freelance work, he is known for Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner and Space Invaders Extreme.

It appears Suzuki left the game industry in 2009.

Audio Development

His music composition sometimes sounds very similar to the music you hear in many TOSE and Make Software developed games.


Suzuki used a sound driver by Panic Yuma, in which the music was written in a custom Music Macro Language.


Suzuki used a sound driver that was designed by Tsukasa Tawada and programmed by Jaleco. The music was also written in a custom Music Macro Language.


Suzuki used Nintendo's MP2K sound engine.


Released Title Sample Notes
1991-03-29 Ninja Jajamaru: Ginga Daisakusen (FC) (忍者じゃじゃ丸 銀河大作戦) With Yasuhiko Takashiba.
1991-07-26 Banishing Racer (GB) (バニシングレーサー)
1991-12-13 Tsurupika Hagemaru: Mezase! Tsuruseko no Akashi (FC) (つるピカハゲ丸 めざせ!つるセコの証)
1992-03-07 Plasma Ball (FC) (プラズマ・ボール)
1992-??-?? Soldam (ARC) (ソルダム) With Atsuyoshi Isemura.
1992-02-21 Ikari no Yousai 2 (GB) (怒りの要塞2) With "Kyobaka Sangou".
1993-??-?? Hayaoshi Quiz: Ouza Ketteisen (ARC)
1993-03-05 Mezase! Top Pro: Green ni Kakeru Yume (FC) (めざせ!トッププロ グリーンに賭ける夢) With Atsuyoshi Isemura, Yuichiro Ohkawa, and Suguru Ishida.
1993-04-23 Operation Logic Bomb: The Ultimate Search & Destroy (SNES) (怒りの要塞) Music & SFX
1993-08-06 Soldam (GB) (ソルダム) Arranged by Takahiro Ogata.
1994-03-18 Kinyo Chuuihou! Tobidase! Game Gakuen (SFC) (きんぎょ注意報! とびだせ!ゲーム学園)
1996-04-26 Tail of the Sun (PS1) (太陽のしっぽ) Sound Effects Composers
1996-05-26 Sound Novel Tsukuuru 2 (SAT) (サウンドノベルツクール2)
1996-09-27 Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen (PS1) (伝説のオウガバトル)
1997-??-?? Kaze no Notam (PS1) (風のノータム) Main Sound Designer
1999-12-11 Kyojin no Doshin 1 (64DD) (巨人のドシン1)
2002-03-09 Abarenbo Princess (PS2) (暴れん坊プリンセス)
2002-03-12 Doshin the Giant (GC) Sound
2004-11-18 Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure (GBA) (ドラゴンボール-アドバンスアドベンチャー) Planning and Development
2005-05-26 Choro Q Works (PS2) (チョロQワークス)
2005-11-24 Konjiki no Gashbell!! Yuujou no Dengeki Dream Tag Tournament (GBA) (金色のガッシュベル!! 友情の電撃 ドリームタッグトーナメント ) Sound
2006-02-21 Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner (PSP) (モンスターキングダム・ジュエルサモナー) Composer
2007-05-17 Draglade (NDS) (カスタムビートバトル ドラグレイド) Sound
2008-02-21 Space Invaders Extreme (NDS) (スペースインベーダーエクストリーム)
2008-03-27 Lux-Pain (NDS) (ルクス・ペイン) Sound Engineer, Music
2008-07-10 Custom Beat Battle: Draglade 2 (NDS) (カスタムビートバトル ドラグレイド2) Sound
2009-08-06 Bleach DS 4th: Flame Bringer (NDS) (BLEACH DS 4th:フレイム・ブリンガー) With Atsuyoshi Isemura.


Yasuyuki used the name WHO? HE すずき (Who? He Suzuki). The etymology of this name is unknown, but the words Who and He sound similar to the yuki found in his name.

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