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Yamaha 2149
YM2149F - Bare.jpg
Developer: General Instrument, Yamaha
Released: 1983-02-??
Type: Chip

1.) Square Wave and/or Noise
2.) Square Wave and/or Noise
3.) Square Wave and/or Noise

The YM2149, also known as the Software-Controlled Sound Generator or SSG, is modified AY-3-8910 re-branded by Yamaha. The chip has twice the resolution as the original, but a double-rate volume envelope table. Pin 26 can be used to halve the master clock when pulled low. This chip was used by the MSX2, MSX2+, MSX TurboR, Atari ST, and an assortment of arcade games. It has several revisions, one of which is the YM2149F which was embedded in several other chips including the YM2203, YM2608, YM2610, and Sunsoft's 5B chip.

Additional Versions

Yamaha created several different variations of their YM2149, though they don't appear to have been used in any video game systems. If they are found to have been used in a video game system, they should be given their own section.

  • YM3439 - a CMOS version of the YM2149. It was released as a 40-pin DIP (YM3439-D) and 44-pin QFP (YM3439-F).
  • YMZ284 - a 16-pin YM2149. The parallel ports are removed and the three audio channels are mixed into a single sound output. Also, the 4/8 MHz selection pin and the /TEST pin have been removed.
  • YMZ285 - a 28-pin YM2149 with a built-in PCM. The parallel ports are gone and there are two sound outputs. One is the three audio channels mixed, the other is for the PCM.
  • YMZ294 - a 18-pin YM2149 without parallel ports. Mixes the three audio channels into a single output.


Over the years, a number of computers, video game consoles, and peripheral devices used the AY-3-891x series of chips. This is a chronological breakdown of those devices, and which chips they used.

Release Device Chip
1985-06-?? Atari ST YM2149F
1985-07-?? MSX2 YM2149
1988-10-21 MSX2+ YM2149
1990-11-?? MSX TurboR YM2149F


Dozens of arcade games used the YM2149.

List of Games
Release Game Chip Sample
1986-??-?? Arkanoid (ARC) YM2149
  • This list is incomplete.


Document Download
YM2149 Manual Download - (info)

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Emulation Status

MAME emulates each of the incarnations of the YM2149 exceptionally well, as do most emulators for Atari ST and MSX2.