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Player - XMPlay.png
Creator Un4seen Developments
Released 1998-07-15
Platform Windows
Website support.xmplay.com

XMPlay is a media player for Windows. Originally a specialized player for XM modules, it has since been given support for other formats through a variety of plugins, and is capable of also using Winamp input plugins.

Audio formats

The program natively supports the following module formats: IT, MO3, MOD, S3M, UMX, XM

It also supports the following audio formats: AIFF, Redbook CD Audio, MP1, MP2, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA


The following plugins are available for XMPlay:

The following Winamp plugins are compatible with XMPlay:

There are also several archive readers that will play audio files contained in compressed archives like ZIP and RAR.


You can download the latest version of XMPlay, its many plugins, and all compatible Winamp plugins from the official page.