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Creator 4Front Technologies
Released 1997
Platform Linux
Website xmms.org

XMMS (X Multimedia System) is an audio player for Linux-based systems using the look-and-feel of Winamp. It has a library of plugins for most of the modern audio formats, but not as many archaic formats used in early video games.

Audio Formats

The full version of the program comes with the following plugins:

CD Audio Player

Supports the CD Redbook format.

Mikmod Player

Supports AMF, FAR, FLT8, GDM, IMF (Imago Orpheus), IT, MOD, OKT, STM, STX, S3M, XM.

MPEG Layer 1/2/3 Player

Supports MP1, MP2, MP3.

Ogg Vorbis Player

Supports OGG.

Wave Player

Supports WAV.


You can download the latest version of XMMS at their official website.