Wolfenstein 3D (GBA)

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Wolfenstein 3D
Wolfenstein 3D - GBA - USA.jpg
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Year: 2002
Developer: id Software, Inc.
This page is about the GBA version of the game. For other platforms, see Wolfenstein 3D.

Wolfenstein 3D is a first-person-shooter game about an American P.O.W. who tries to topple the Third Reich during World War II.

The Game Boy Advance version looks like the original DOS release; none of the graphics were remade.


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The GBA version doesn't play any music normally, but music is included in the game and was ripped from the game's ROM. The game even has music credits.

It's unknown why they did it - either the music was included, but scrapped at the last minute for some reason, or probably the developers didn't have time to write code for playing it. The reason could be its quality - for some reason, lots of instruments play staccato when they are supposed to have sustain, or use samples that don't sound well together (especially Horst-Wessel-Lied, Roster, The Ultimate Challenge, U R A Hero and Going After Hitler). Some of the songs, however, are arguably better, including Get Them Before They Get You, Salute, The Nazi Rap, Funk You! and probably End of Level, possibly because they use fewer tracks and shorter notes, matching the original sound closer.

The game has 19 of the 27 original songs, but none of them were used.

Interestingly, the GBA version's tracks sound like the original MIDI files, and not like the final YM3812 sound of the DOS release.


Since the game doesn't play any of these tracks, this list is sorted by each track's numerical placing in the music rip of the game.

# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Get Them Before They Get You Bobby PrinceSteve Collett 2:40
02 Horst-Wessel-Lied Horst WesselSteve Collett 2:02
03 Nazi Anthem Bobby Prince, Horst WesselSteve Collett 2:03
07 Wondering About My Loved Ones Bobby PrinceSteve Collett 2:27
08 Funk You! Bobby PrinceSteve Collett 1:59
09 End of Level Bobby PrinceSteve Collett 0:50
10 Going After Hitler Bobby PrinceSteve Collett 2:50
11 Lurking... Bobby PrinceSteve Collett :Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
12 The Ultimate Challenge Bobby PrinceSteve Collett 2:48
13 The Nazi Rap Bobby PrinceSteve Collett 2:50
14 Zero Hour Bobby PrinceSteve Collett 2:27
15 Twelfth Hour Bobby PrinceSteve Collett 3:54
16 Roster Bobby PrinceSteve Collett 0:45
17 U R A Hero Bobby PrinceSteve Collett 0:48
18 Victory March Bobby PrinceSteve Collett 2:17
19 Salute Bobby PrinceSteve Collett 0:29


(Source: Wolfenstein 3D (GBA)'s credits screen)

Game Rip






The music was ripped from the game's ROM. The actual recording was made with Highly Advanced using a GSF to WAV conversion and then converted from WAV to OGG with Audacity.

Ripping Game Boy Advance music is an arduous process, and as such, it is beyond the scope of this site.

Audio Devices


  USA.svg   USA
Wolfenstein 3D - GBA - USA.jpg
Title: Wolfenstein 3D
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Released: 2002-04-02
Publisher: BAM! Entertainment, Inc.