Wolfenstein 3D (3DO)

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Wolfenstein 3D
Wolfenstein 3D - 3DO - USA.jpg
Platform: 3DO
Year: 1995
Developer: Logicware, Inc.
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This page is for the 3DO game, for other platforms see Wolfenstein 3D.

Because the 3DO port of Wolfenstein 3D was developed by the same company as the Macintosh port, the two games are nearly identical. They both feature higher resolution graphics, an in-game map, more weapons, and superior audio. However, unlike the original DOS version, the 3DO lacks rotating sprites, so enemies are always looking at you, making it impossible to sneak up on them--a feature that was sorely missed. Also, the game takes less time to beat due shorter and fewer maps. The story remains the same. You play a WWII P.O.W. trying to escape from an underground Nazi prison. You shoot Nazis in a first-person perspective; collect treasure, ammo, health; find secret doors to help you escape.

The 3DO version not only features the console version stages, but also all 60 of the DOS version's levels as well. However, the bosses from episodes 4 to 6 were replaced by the ones from Spear of Destiny.

The 3DO version was critically acclaimed for its fluid controls, upgraded graphics and audio.


Wolfenstein 3D - 3DO - Title.png

The title screen.

Wolfenstein 3D - 3DO - E1M1.png

Starting off in E1M1.


Utilizing the superior quality 3DO sound hardware, Todd Dennis was able to compose a higher fidelity soundtrack compared to that of to DOS version. His music features a fully orchestrated score with an epic sound that really fits the subject of the game. The only downside to the game's audio is that there's only a fraction of songs compared to the original DOS version. There is also a song ripped from the game itself, but is not used in the game. It may have been intended as either another level theme, or for the main menu (which continues the title music).

Also, it should be noted at approximately 0:22 into In-Game 1, there is a sort of "scratchy" sound that plays. This is a part of the song and not a problem with the game itself.


# TitleFile ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Title ScreenSong134 Brian LuziettiTodd Dennis 1:39
02 In-Game 1Song133 Todd DennisTodd Dennis 3:37
03 In-Game 2Song128 Todd DennisTodd Dennis 4:38
04 In-Game 3Song129 Todd DennisTodd Dennis 3:04
05 In-Game 4Song130 Todd DennisTodd Dennis 3:11
06 In-Game 5Song135 Todd DennisTodd Dennis 4:49
07 In-Game 6Song136 Todd DennisTodd Dennis 2:25
08 Stats ScreenSong138 Todd DennisTodd Dennis 1:13
09 UnknownSong131 Todd DennisTodd Dennis 1:22



Game Rip





The music was ripped from the game's .ISO file.


  USA.svg   USA
Wolfenstein 3D - 3DO - USA.jpg
Title: Wolfenstein 3D
Platform: 3DO
Released: 1995-10-19
Publisher: Inteerplay Productions, Inc.
  Japan.svg   Japan
Title: ウルフェンシュタイン
Platform: 3DO
Released: 1995-12-15
Publisher: Electronic Arts Victor