Wisp Call

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Wisp Call
Output - Roland.svg
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Ultima 7 - DOS - Wisp Call.png
Composer Herman Miller
Arranger Dana Glover
Programmer Herman Miller
Released 1992-04-16
Length 1:04.74
BPM 141
Format MIDI.png
Game Ultima VII: The Black Gate (DOS)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops No

Wisp Call plays when you use Trellek's whistle to alert the Wisps in Ultima VII: The Black Gate (DOS). As expected, it is a woodwind heavy song. The tune is also heard whenever you play panpipes in the game and at the house of Silamo, the gardener of Terfin.

Herman Miller, who oversaw the Ultima VI: The False Prophet soundtrack, composed the song making it one of the few songs in the game not composed by Dana Glover. This song is track 55 in the game's data files.

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