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Windows XP
Windows XP - W32 - World.jpg
Platform: Windows 32
Year: 2001
Developer: Microsoft Corporation
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Windows XP is the 5th major release of Microsoft's Windows operating system. The OS went through three major service packs. According to W3C, it was the most popular OS used on the Internet from 2003 to 2011. Its support ended on April 8, 2014.


Windows XP - W32 - Bootup.png

The Windows XP boot up screen.

Windows XP.png

The default Windows XP desktop.

Windows XP - W32 - Media Player 9.png

Using Media Player 9 to play the packaged music.

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Windows XP - W32 - Album Art.jpg

The Windows Welcome music (also known as the title music) plays on the final stage of installing - in the Out-of-box experience program. Many sources credit Brian Eno as the composer of this tune, however this information is false. It was in fact composed by Stan LePard, and it was previously used in Internet Starter Kit 3. Sadly, he passed away.

Bill Brown composed the tour score and default sound scheme, including famous Windows XP Startup and Shutdown sounds. Listening to the Tour 3 track you can easily recognize some XP sounds, such as Windows XP Error sound.

Also Microsoft ditched the long staple MIDI tune, Trip Through the Grand Canyon, for Windows XP and instead supplied three MIDI songs which are often attributed to XP, however they first appeared in Windows ME. The song Flourish is interesting as it is played in a 5/4 time signature, and it also was available as part of Microsoft DirectX package since version 9.0.


The recordings were made using various options. They are marked by following song prefixes:

  1. Digital audio (WMA and MP3), simply encoded with oggenc.
  2. MIDI music, recorded with Winamp's MIDI plugin v3.53 via the DirectMusic Microsoft Synthesizer.
# TitleFilename Composer Length Listen Download
101 Windows Welcome Musictitle.wma Stan LePard 5:24
102 Tour IntrointroLoop.mp3 Bill Brown 0:40
103 Tour 1loop1.mp3 Bill Brown 1:33
104 Tour 2loop2.mp3 Bill Brown 1:31
105 Tour 3loop3.mp3 Bill Brown 1:31
106 Tour 5loop5.mp3 Bill Brown 1:30
107 Tour 6loop6.mp3 Bill Brown 1:31
# TitleFilename Composer Length Listen Download
201 Flourishflourish.mid Nathan Grigg 1:27
202 One Stoponestop.mid David Yackley 4:07
203 Towntown.mid Nathan Grigg 1:19


(Source: MIDI meta tags.)

Game Rip



MIDI.png MP3.png WAV.png WMA.png



  • The WMA file is located at C:\Windows\system32\oobe\images folder.
  • The MP3 files are located at C:\Windows\Help\Tours\mmTour folder inside files tour.exe and segment5.swf, extracted with FFDec.
  • The type-1 MIDI files are located in the C:\Windows\Media folder.
  • This rip also includes the various WAV sound schemes and effects from the various inbox Windows XP programs.


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Windows XP - W32 - World.jpg
Title: Windows XP
Platform: Windows 32
Released: 2001-08-24
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation