Win, Lose Or Draw (NES)

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Win, Lose Or Draw
Win, Lose Or Draw - NES.jpg
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System
Year: 1990
Developer: RSP

Win, Lose Or Draw is based on the game show. In this game, you must play a few rounds and guess the picture that is drawn on the board. The game also features a password to ensure players do not get the same puzzles twice.


Win, Lose Or Draw - NES - Title Screen.png

The game's title screen.

Win, Lose Or Draw - NES - Gameplay 1.png

The menu screen.

Win, Lose Or Draw - NES - Gameplay 2.png

Whoo-hoo! Guessed it right!

Win, Lose Or Draw - NES - Gameplay 3.png

Hey! Who are these people?!

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The game has a short and simple soundtrack composed by Nick Scarim of Spy Vs. Spy fame. Through Scarim declined to comment, Mike Riedel said that Scarim would bring a MIDI keyboard with him into the studio and play the music through a MIDI sequencer, and the MIDI files would then be converted into 6502 assembly instructions to Riedel's sound driver.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Title Screen Nick ScarimMike Riedel 0:44
02 Round Start Nick ScarimMike Riedel 0:49
03 Game Theme 1 Nick ScarimMike Riedel 0:44
04 Game Theme 2 Nick ScarimMike Riedel 0:44
05 Game Theme 3 Nick ScarimMike Riedel 0:44


The game has a hidden cheat code to display the game developers (as shown above.) To access it, begin a Difficult game, enter "SHOWMERSPINC" as an answer and press the B button. This will display the three people who worked on the game; Arthur J. Aspromatis, Eric Shefferman and Mike Riedel. For an unknown reason, Nick Scarim is not shown nor credited, but Mike Riedel verified Scarim's role in the game.

(Source: Verification from Mike Riedel; game lacks music credits.)

Game Rip






Ripping NES music is a very arduous process that is beyond the scope of this site.

Audio Devices

The game uses the RP2A03 chip. It does not use the DPCM channel.


  USA.svg   USA
Win, Lose Or Draw - NES.jpg
Title: Win, Lose Or Draw
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System
Released: 1990-03-??
Publisher: Hi-Tech Expressions