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R. Wiley Evans
Wiley Evans - 1.jpg
Birth Place
Nationality American   USA.svg
Aliases Wiloy Evans
Website thinknoise.com

Wiley Evans is an American game developer. In 1986, he attended San Fransisco State University and graduated in 1988 for Music Performance, and in 1989, he attended California Institute of Arts and graduated in 1992 for Music Composition. In 1993, he started working for Atari and composed the music to a couple of their games for the Atari Jaguar. In 1994, he started working for Sega as a Sound Support Engineer. In 1996, he started working for GameTek and worked on the Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, and PlayStation. In 2002, he worked for LeapFrog Enterprises and created music and sound effects for some of their toys. Currently, Wiley works for Elsevier, and runs Thinknoise.

In the N64 game Jeopardy!, he appears as one of the contestants.


Released Title Sample Notes
1993-??-?? Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy (JAG) With Lx Rudis and Michael Stevens.
1994-??-?? Club Drive (JAG) With Jerry Gerber, James Grunke, and Michael Stevens.
1995-??-?? NHL All-Star Hockey (GG) With David Javelosa and Robert Hardy.
1997-11-28 Wheel of Fortune (N64) Sound Programmer
1998-02-25 Jeopardy! (N64) Sound Programmer

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