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{{Issue Screenshots}}
{{Issue Screenshots}}
The game music is mostly short AdLib/Roland MT-32/Sound Blaster fanfares that are played when the player nears the criminal. While they're not spectacular, they get the job done by inducing mood.
{{Issue Recording}}
{{Issue Recording}}
===Audio Device===
| style="background-color:#FFF0FF;" |
| {{Audio Device|PC Speaker|Music}}*
| {{Audio Device|MT-32|Music}}
| {{Audio Device|Sound Blaster|Music}}
| {{Audio Device|AdLib|Music}}
| {{Audio Device|The Sound Source|Music}}
| style="background-color:#FFF0FF;" |
| {{Audio Device|PC Speaker|Sound}}*
| {{Audio Device|MT-32|Sound}}
| {{Audio Device|Sound Blaster|Sound}}
| {{Audio Device|AdLib|Sound}}
| {{Audio Device|The Sound Source|Sound}}
Key: * Does not provide digitized voice. (For example: A judge would say "GUILTY!")
{{Issue releases}}
{{Issue releases}}

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Where In the USA Is Carmen Sandiego?
Platform: Apple IIGS
Year: 1987
Developer: Brøderbund Software, Inc.

Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? is an educational game. You are a detective searching for Carmen Sandiego. Your go all over 50 US States to look for Carmen Sandiego. This is a sequel to the 1986 game, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?


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