When the Saints Go Marching In

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When the Saints Go Marching In
Composer Traditional
Released 1900-??-?? c.
Title Origin Official

When the Saints Go Marching In is a traditional American gospel hymn rising probably as variations or amalgamations of similar existing songs from the period.


AdLib (DOS)

Platform - DOS.png
AdLib (DOS)
Output - OPL2.svg
AdLib - DOS - Juke Box Songs - 1.png
Arranger Unknown
Released 1987-02-??
Length 0:58.89
Format ROL
Loops No

This song was bundled with the AdLib sound card with the title, "Oh! When the Saints!"

The song's file name is SAINTS.ROL, the arranger is unknown. The song doesn't loop by default, but there is an option in the Juke Box to loop songs.

Star Fox (SNES)

Platform - SNES.png
Star Fox (SNES)
Arranger Hajime Hirasawa
Released 1993-02-21
Length 0:48
Format SPC
Loops Yes

An arrangement of the song is used at the end of the secret "Out of This Dimension" level, when the player faces off against the game's alternate final boss (a giant slot machine).

Bible Buffet (NES)

Platform - NES.png
Bible Buffet (NES)
Output - NES.svg
Bible Buffet - NES - Title Screen.png
Arranger Vance Kozik
Released 1993-??-??
Length 0:16
Loops No

The song plays at the game's title screen.