Wayne's World (NES)

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Wayne's World
Wayne's World - NES.jpg
Platform: NES
Year: 1993
Developer: Radical Entertainment
For other games in the series, see Wayne's World.

Wayne's World is an action game loosely based on the hit comedy movie. The player takes control of both Wayne and Garth throughout five levels. Some levels contain more than one segment making them slightly longer, but the overall game is extremely easy and short, and can be beaten within 20 minutes.

In the first level, Garth and Wayne must fight their way through a music store filled with evil living instruments. In the second level, Garth and Wayne must get into Gasworks to meet Cassandra. In the third stage, Garth has to get to the end of an alleyway as he fights ninjas and cats. In the fourth level, Wayne must escape the TV station, attacking living television screens, cables, spiders, security guards, and light bulbs. In the final stage, Wayne must get into Benjamin's apartment and confront him. Between each level, Wayne finds himself at Stan's Donut Shop where he can collect the frosted donuts to replenish his health.

The game was made in 1993, extremely late for an NES game, as the SNES was already out. Because of this, very limited quantities of the game were made, and is very sought after by collectors.


Wayne's World - NES - Title Screen.png

The title screen.

Wayne's World - NES - Gameplay 1.png

Watching one of the cutscenes.

Wayne's World - NES - Gameplay 2.png

Garth shooting living drums like in the movie.


Wayne's World features a soundtrack by Radical Entertainment's lead sound designer, Paul Wilkinson. Most of the music contains rock themes, similar to what would be heard in the movie. However, most people criticize the first stage's music because of its repetitive nature. Another problem is that the music is very quiet, as the square channels play at a volume of 3.

Paul wrote the music in Cakewalk for DOS, and then ran his MIDI files through a utility to convert them to his sound engine.

The Wayne's World theme does not appear in its full form, although a short snippet of it is used for the first stage's background music.

There is a faster versions of each level song that plays when you're low on time, but due to ripping problems, they have been excluded from the rip and the recording.

The Game Boy version of the game uses the same soundtrack (also by Wilkinson), though the songs are played in a different key, as well as other areas of the game.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Title Screen Paul WilkinsonPaul Wilkinson 0:58
02 Level 1 Mike Myers, G.E. SmithPaul Wilkinson 0:19
03 Level 2 & 3 Paul WilkinsonPaul Wilkinson 0:58
04 Level 4 Paul WilkinsonPaul Wilkinson 1:20
05 Level 5 Paul WilkinsonPaul Wilkinson 0:22
06 Stan's Donuts Paul WilkinsonPaul Wilkinson 0:33
07 Game Over Paul WilkinsonPaul Wilkinson 0:08
09 Excellent! Paul WilkinsonPaul Wilkinson 0:17



The game's credits appear after waiting at the title screen. However, all you get is a screen that says Designed and Developed by Radical Entertainment, where a list of the staff members are displayed, but no roles listed. Paul has verified composing the game's music and sound effects. He is also properly credited in the Game Boy version, also by Radical Entertainment.

Game Rip



NSF.png VGM.png



Before the NSF rip was found, VGZ files were uploaded.

The VGZ files were logged through MESS 0.152 VGM Mod and trimmed to loop properly.

You can find out how to log VGM files here.

Audio Devices

The game uses the NES' Ricoh RP2A03. While the DPCM channel isn't used in the music, it can be heard in the game when Wayne says, "No way!".


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Wayne's World - NES.jpg
Title: Wayne's World
Platform: NES
Released: 1993-11-??
Publisher: T*HQ


Wayne's World
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Notable Songs Wayne's World Theme • Bohemian Rhapsody
Notable Personnel Paul Wilkinson • Peter Stone • Nick Eastridge • Rob Wallace
Notable Companies Radical Entertainment • Gray Matter • THQ • Capstone Software