Voxelstein 3D (W32)

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Voxelstein 3D
Platform: Windows 32
Year: 2008
Developer: Voxelstein 3D Team
Online: Download

Voxelstein 3D is a free homebrew game, which uses Wolfenstein series for its setting.

More like a demonstration of the only level, than an actual game, it contains only a little of plot. However, it's pretty clear that we play as B.J. Blazkovicz from Wolfenstein 3D series, living as a prisoner in a castle which is supposed to be Castle Wolfenstein. Using weapons, and, what's more important, fully destructible environment (made of millions of colored block, called "voxels", instead of classic polygons for rendering), your mission is - to escape from that castle.

You are free to hit almost any map element and remove voxels from that, thus completely destroying nearly the full map, even the enemy bodies. Despite the level's being very small, it contains a lot of secrets, easter eggs, and there are many pathes to beat it. However, you can't heal legally (unless you are using ILM famous cheat) or save and load.

Unfortunately, while there were plans to make is as a complete game, the developement has never came over the prototype stage. This can be a reason why actually all the music and nearly all the sound effects are just emulated ones from Wolfenstein 3D game, shareware version of that in particular.


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There are only two "normal" tracks used in game - Searching For the Enemy as the level music and End of Level utilized as endgame tune. Another 9 are in shareware release of Wolfenstein 3D, packed with the game to use sounds from it, but unused. However, they were added into playlist.

Also, for chaingun picking, the sound from Spear of Destiny (DOS) in a form of OGG recording was used. Because it can be considered as a music track, it was also added here into playlist.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Searching For the Enemy Bobby Prince 2:20
02 Chaingun (Spear of Destiny) Bobby Prince 0:04
03 End of Level Bobby Prince 0:50
04 Horst-Wessel-Lied Bobby Prince 2:05
05 Wondering About My Loved Ones Bobby Prince 2:30
06 Get Them Before They Get You Bobby Prince 2:38
07 P.O.W. Bobby Prince 2:19
08 Suspense Bobby Prince 3:59
09 The March to War Bobby Prince, Traditional 2:26
10 Enemy Around the Corner Bobby Prince 2:11
11 U R A Hero Bobby Prince 0:50
12 Roster Bobby Prince 0:47


(Sources: Wolfenstein 3D, W3D Manual, game lacks credits.)

Game Rip




OGG.png WLF.png




Voxelstein 3D uses music from the shareware release of Wolfenstein 3D (DOS). IMF tracks were extracted using DarkOne's software and renamed as WLF instead IMF to make their speed correct in DRO players.

Also, there is an OGG rip of sounds, added in Voxelstein 3D and absent in Wolfenstein 3D, and digital VOC files of screams, shots, etc. in Wolfenstein 3D shareware, also ripped with FloEdit as WAV files (though most of them weren't used). Rare example of a game to use two different types of digital audio files.


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Title: Voxelstein 3D
Platform: Windows 32
Released: 2008-02-19
Publisher: Voxelstein 3D Team