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VirtuaNSF - 1.PNG
Creator Norix
Released Unknown
Platform Windows

VirtuaNSF is an NSF player for Windows created by Norix, the creator of the VirtuaNES emulator.


  • Supports every expansion sound chip used officially on the NES.
  • Supports WAV logging.
  • Allows for custom sampling rate from 44.1 KHz to 192 KHz all in 16 bit quality.
  • Allows muting and reversal of any channel for any chip and volume balance for any chip.


  • Does not properly emulate the NAMCO163 chip (plays the notes an octave higher).
  • Does not support PAL timing (plays them as NTSC).
  • Does not support NSFE or NSF2.
  • Various other minor issues shared with the VirtuaNES emulator.


Version Download Platform
0.97 (English) Download - (info) Windows