Vegas Dream

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Vegas Dream
Founded 1988-09-30
Last Release 1997-02-28

Vegas Dream was a line of casino games originally developed by HAL Laboratory.


Vegas Dream

In Vegas Dream, the opening cutscene shows a silhouette of the player in an airplane being flown to Las Vegas. The player can then name their character and choose between a male or female character. The player can choose between four casino games; Blackjack, Roulette, Slot Machines, and Keno. While the game was criticized for having only four games, there was a sense of realism in the game, in that strangers can ask you for something, and the player can either be duped or rewarded later on for their generosity. The goal of the game is to achieve $10,000,000. The player starts with $700 and can bet as much as they'd like. In Japan, the game was titled Viva Las Vegas, and published by Epic/Sony Records.

The game's soundtrack consists of several jazzy themes, and appears to be the only game professional musician, Kuni Kawachi, ever worked on.

Vegas Stakes

The storyline of Vegas Stakes has nothing to do with Vegas Dream. Instead, the player (again, named and given a gender by the player) is traveling to Vegas via car with their friends Maria, Isabelle, Cliff, and Richard. They check into their hotel suite at the Golden Paradise. The player can now go to one of five casinos to gamble, each with their own theme and betting limits. Like the previous game, strangers can ask the player for favors, in which the player can either be punished or rewarded for their generosity.

The Game Boy version is identical to the SNES version, but instead of the four characters, the player travels to Vegas with their girlfriend.

The game's soundtrack was written by Mega Man composer Manami Matsumae, with Kimitaka Matsumae providing one of the casino themes. The two also collaborated on Othello World. Like the previous installment, there are many jazzy (or other styles of) tunes that fit the themes of the casinos. However, Vegas Stakes has fewer songs than Vegas Dream.

Las Vegas Dream 2

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