Unused - Gyakuten Saiban (GBA)

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Composer Masakazu Sugimori
Arranger Masakazu Sugimori
Released 2001-10-12
Format GSF.png
Game Gyakuten Saiban (GBA)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops Yes
This page is for the song from Gyakuten Saiban/Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. For more songs with this title, see Unused.

Unused is a song found in the data of Gyakuten Saiban (GBA), never used in the actual game. (The title is a simple descriptor, since it has never been given any sort of official name.) When asked about it on Twitter, composer Masakazu Sugimori responded:

I composed it with the intention of using it for either the victory or the epilogue of each chapter.

The song is also contained (but still unused) in the DS port, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (NDS). Unlike the rest of the game's music, it is exactly the same as in the GBA version.


Like many tracks in the game's soundtrack, the song is fairly sedate, with the main melody nearly getting drowned out by the prominent bass line. Befitting the intended context, the tone shifts between relaxing (in the A section) and mildly cheerful/encouraging (in the B section).