Unused - Guerrilla War (NES)

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Output - NES.svg
Composer Kazuhiro Nishida, Yoko Osaka, Toshikazu Tanaka
Arranger Unknown
Released 1988-12-26
Length 0:26
Format NSF.png
Game Guerrilla War (NES)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops Yes
This page is for the Guerrilla War (NES) song, for more titles see Unused.

This Unused track is included in the game's ROM, but is never actually played anywhere in any of the versions of the game (Japanese, North America, or Europe). This song is a little short compared to other background tracks, although it could have been used for one of the stages that repeated a song, particularly the Palace, since it is positioned at the end of the stage music in the NSF. It may also have been the title or opening of the game, which lack music. Because the song is tucked between the stage tunes and boss tunes in the NSF file (track 9), it may have been music for mini-bosses. Its sound is more sinister than most of the stage music, but not as urgent as the boss themes. Another possibility is that this tune was in the arcade version (which has a different soundtrack), and it was converted, but never incorporated.

The composers should be contacted for the correct explanation of the tune.