Unused - Déjà Vu (NES)

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Composer Hiroyuki Masuno
Arranger Hiroyuki Masuno
Programmer Hiroyuki Masuno
Released 1988-11-22
Format NSF.png
Game Déjà Vu (NES)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops No
This page is for the Déjà Vu (NES) song, for more titles see Unused.

There are thee Unused jingles in Déjà Vu (NES) ROM. The composer should be contacted for an explanation of these tunes. Unused 1 has a length of 0:02, and is track #11 in the NSF file. Unused 2 has a length of 0:04, and is track #12. Unused 3 has a length of 0:03, and is track #13.

Unused 1 sounds like it may have been used for one of the slot machine jingles. It features one square wave ascending and the second square wave ascending/descending in whole steps, giving it an unnerving tone.

Unused 2 sounds like it was originally meant for the Important theme, due to the two songs being 1-2 second loops. However, this song is a little more simplistic than the Important tune, which probably explains why it was scrapped.

Unused 3 may have been used when some a bad event happened, due to its ominous tone. Perhaps, it was originally intended as the game over jingle until the developers and/or composers decided to go with a longer and looping song.

Unused 1
Unused 2
Unused 3