Unused - Bubble + (AST)

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Output - SSG.svg
Composer Unknown
Arranger Unknown
Released 1990-0?-??
Length 0:02.01
BPM 121
Format SNDH.png
Game Bubble + (AST)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops No

Unused is an unsigned 8-bit PCM sample of a 1-bar jingle on the disk of Bubble + (AST).

It is only one byte shorter than Title - Bubble + (AST) and assumed to play at the same frequency, 14985 Hz. It is also a bit noisier.

The filename, GHOST.VO2, is not included in the game at all, so the file was swapped with GHOST.VOI and then recorded from the title screen in Hatari v2.2.1.


The length, tempo, key signature, drums, orchestra hit and bass instruments are recognizable from Title - Bubble + (AST). The melody instrument is new.