Unbended (W64)

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Platform: Windows 64-bit
Year: Unreleased
Developer: Unbended team

Unbended, previously Unsacred: Back to Ashes, was a game possily being in developement roughly from 2014 to 2016.

After Ascaron Entertainment's bankruptcy in 2009, the long-lasting developement of Sacred 3 (W64) has ended up releasing the game in a different genre without mentioning that while adverticing. This ended up some Sacred fans to be very displeased by its release.

Meanwhile, some former Ascaron employees have stated in April of 2014 they are working on a game to have "a soul of Sacred games" and to be "like a true sequel", yet in a different setting due to their loss of rights to create worlds under "Sacred" trademark. At some moment in 2014, they have stated Matthias Steinwachs, their old colleague, would compose music, and they have even shared his own track which was possibly intended to be in the game.

Unbended team has stated about the platform it won't be Windows XP, intending it's actually Windows 64-bit systems, and mentioned a probable Linux port to be programmed if they find it "reachable".

Despite there was a lot of concepts created for the game, there was not a single gameplay video released, just as other kind of evidence of this game surpassing the stage of concept. The last update of their site was in April of 2016, and in May of 2018, they have closed it for good without any explanations.


The only track possibly intended for the game was released in Undended soundcloud. It's not known if it was intended to loop, in VGMPF recording it does not.


The music was recorded straight from browser.

# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Unbended First Sound Matthias Steinwachs 2:26


(Source: Unbended team, game was not released).

Game Rip





Soundcloud platform converts all the music uploaded in digital formats like WAV to 128kbps MP3s. The audio had to be recorded straight from the browser, because the music itself is encoded (to avoid piracy) and thus ripping files themselves is an arduous job. However, an OGG recording sounds nearly 1:1 to MP3.


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Title: Unbended
Platform: Windows 64
Released: Unreleased
Publisher: N/A