Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar (PC98)

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Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar
Ultima 4 - PC98 - Japan.jpg
Platform: PC-9801
Year: 1987
Developer: Origin Systems, Inc., Newtopia Planning, Foretune Co. Ltd.
For other games in the series see Ultima.

Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar is an RPG where you play the role of a hero known as the Avatar who must embody eight virtues by performing helpful tasks to the inhabitants of the land of Britannia. From there, you must collect various artifacts from and descend into a deep volcano to destroy the skull of an earlier foe and bring forth the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom, proving your worth.

Ultima IV was original released for the Apple II in 1985 and quickly ported to various other platforms. This PC-9801 port remains quite faithful to the original, with an impressive improvement to the quality of graphics and sound, though, unfortunately for English readers, it is almost entirely in Japanese.


Ultima 4 - PC98 - Title.png

The title sequence.

Ultima 4 - PC98 - Intro.png

The story that finds you in the world of Britannia.

Ultima 4 - PC98 - Gypsy.png

A gypsy helps you to determine your patron virtue.

Ultima 4 - PC98 - Lord British.png

An audience with the king.

Ultima 4 - PC98 - Britannia.png

Standing outside of Lord British's Castle.

Ultima 4 - PC98 - Combat.png

Battling some rogues.


The original music of Ken Arnold has been retained, but is now played on a more impressive sounding audio chip, the YM2608. The music features period-sounding tunes (though with a chippy timbre) and includes the Ultima mainstay, Thomas Arne's Rule, Britannia!

If you watch the opening demo of Ultima IV it plays various tracks from the score in a semi-random fashion. It plays all the tracks that you commonly hear in the game, but it will not play Fanfare of Lord British.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Wanderer Ken ArnoldUnknown 1:41
02 Towne Ken ArnoldUnknown 2:59
03 Lord British's Castle Ken ArnoldUnknown 1:35
04 Rule, Britannia! Thomas ArneUnknown 1:19
05 Shopping Ken ArnoldUnknown 1:12
06 Combat Ken ArnoldUnknown 0:29
07 Shrines Ken ArnoldUnknown 1:03
08 Dungeons Ken ArnoldUnknown 3:21
09 Fanfare of Lord British Ken ArnoldUnknown 2:54


(Source: Game lacks audio credits.)

Someone at Newtopia Planning or Foretune probably converted the music to play on the PC-9801.

Game Rip








The tracks have been recorded in roughly the order you hear them during normal game play. They were recorded with S98 Input v1.11 in foobar2000.

Audio Devices


File:Icon - PC-9801-86.png


File:Icon - PC-9801-86.png

If you have a PC-9801-86 installed, it will be auto-detected.


  Japan.svg   Japan
Ultima 4 - PC98 - Japan.jpg
Title: ウルティマ IV: Quest of the Avatar (Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar)
Platform: PC-9801
Released: 1987-07-18
Publisher: Pony Canyon, Inc.