Ultima III: Exodus (A2)

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Ultima III: Exodus
Ultima 3 - A2 - USA.jpg
Platform: Apple II
Year: 1983
Developer: Origin Systems, Inc.
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For other games in the series see Ultima.

Ultima III: Exodus is an early RPG where you create and control a party of four adventurers who are trying to foil the plans of the dreaded Exodus, the spawn of Mondain and Minax from the first two Ultima games in order to save the land of Sosaria from certain destruction. You must talk with townsfolk, fight monsters, explore dungeons, and unravel various puzzles to do this. The game has a decent amount of additions from its predecessors including multiple-character parties, separate combat screens, travel by ship, various quests, the signed victory letter from Lord British himself, and most important for this site, music!

The is the original release of Ultima III: Exodus and contains the very first Ultima soundtrack composed by Ken Arnold. The game was posted to several other platforms as well.


Ultima 3 - A2 - Title.png

The title sequence.

Ultima 3 - A2 - Menu.png

Putting together a party.

Ultima 3 - A2 - Sosaria.png

Outside Lord British's castle in Sosaria.

Ultima 3 - A2 - Lord British.png

Lord British's throne room.

Ultima 3 - A2 - Shopping.png

Buying some better weapons.

Ultima 3 - A2 - Dungeon.png

The 3D dungeons put Skyrim to shame!


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Ultima III - Exodus - A2 - Album Art.jpg

Each main section Ultima III: Exodus has its own music which continues to play in the background as the game unfolds. This is the first Ultima game to be released with a full soundtrack and the well-composed tunes add much-needed mood to the game. The over world music is long and intricate, the dungeons have more aggravating music, and the now iconic British tune Rule, Britannia! plays in Lord British's throne room for the first time. There are eight songs, and two fanfares, which was pretty impressive for 1983. The music was composed and arranged by Ken Arnold for the AY-3-8910 chip on the Mockingboard.

Ultima III: Exodus is also the first of the Ultima games to feature a title screen demonstration of the game. As the demo is acted out, music from the game is played in the background eventually playing the game's entire soundtrack, even the Exodus' Castle theme.

The titles are based on popular names found on the Internet and where the songs appear in the game. Ken Arnold should be contacted for official titles, and game files should be researched to find more appropriate titles. The track order is based on when you'll likely hear the songs through normal game play.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Wanderer Ken ArnoldKen Arnold 2:09
02 Towne Ken ArnoldKen Arnold 2:15
03 Lord British's Castle Ken ArnoldKen Arnold 1:34
04 Rule, Britannia! Thomas ArneKen Arnold 0:15
05 Shopping Ken ArnoldKen Arnold 0:41
06 Combat Ken ArnoldKen Arnold 1:43
07 Dungeons Ken ArnoldKen Arnold 0:51
08 Ambrosia Ken ArnoldKen Arnold 0:49
09 Shrines Ken ArnoldKen Arnold 0:41
10 Exodus' Castle Ken ArnoldKen Arnold 2:36


  • Ripper: NewRisingSun
  • Recorder: TheAlmightyGuru
  • Game Credits:
    • Musical Score Composed, Arranged, and Realised For Thy Pleasure By: Ken Arnold credited as Kenneth W. Arnold
    • Not Credited Composer: Thomas Arne


Game Rip








The native audio format is unknown, but the tracks have been logged to VGM format during actual game play. They were recorded with VGM Input v0.26 in foobar2000.


  USA.svg   USA
Ultima 3 - A2 - USA.jpg
Title: Ultima III: Exodus
Platform: Apple II
Released: 1983-08-23
Publisher: Origin Systems, Inc.