UForce Power Games (NES)

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UForce Power Games
Platform: NES
Year: Unreleased
Developer: TOSE Co., Ltd.

UForce Power Games was an unreleased game for the NES, developed by TOSE and possibly co-developed by Tokyo Shoseki in 1990. The game was intended to show the abilities of the UForce controller for the NES. It is unknown why the game was never released. The developers probably thought it wouldn't have fared too well. The reason why the game was never released was because that upstart video game publisher THQ acquired Broderbund's video game division (New Ventures), and put it onto the shelf. It also could have been the game was intended to come with the UForce. These games are unplayable without a UForce controller.

The game contains four games you can play; Hose 'Em Down where you must put out people inside a building before they catch on fire. In Nuclear Rat Attack, you must shoot all the nuclear rats before too many of them get away. In Rock On Air, you can play along with a selection of music styles; rock, rap, slow rock, Latin and retro rock. You can also select four instruments; piano, violin, clarinet, or bongos. The last game, Power Field B-Ball, is simply basketball.


U-Force Power Games - NES - Title Screen.png

The title screen.

U-Force Power Games - NES - Menu.png

The game select menu.

U-Force Power Games - NES - Hose 'Em Down.png

Hose 'Em Down.

U-Force Power Games - NES - Nuclear Rat Attack.png

Nuclear Rat Attack.

U-Force Power Games - NES - Rock On Air.png

Rock On Air.

U-Force Power Games - NES - Power Field B-Ball.png

Power Field B-Ball.


The game has a short but impressive soundtrack. This is one of Tatsuya's first (if not THE first) video game soundtracks, and he doesn't disappoint. The title screen music starts off with the first part of The Star Spangled Banner and then transforms into a rock tune. The Hose 'Em Down song is very catchy and reminiscent of an Alice In Chains song. The Power Field B-Ball music has funk-styled tune. There's also an unknown song. It may be used in the game, but since the games are unplayable without a physical U-Force controller, the song has been listed as unknown, as it has not been heard in the game yet. The unknown song is very annoying as it's only 10 seconds long.

The Nuclear Rat Attack game also has a game over theme, but it was probably wasn't included in the NSF rip because it's mostly a mixture of sound effects.

The music at TOSE was most likely written in 6502 assembly, but it is unknown who programmed the sound driver there.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Title Screen Tatsuya Nishimura 0:57
02 Hose 'Em Down Tatsuya Nishimura 1:26
03 Hose 'Em Down (Game Over) Tatsuya Nishimura 0:03
04 Nuclear Rat Attack Tatsuya Nishimura 1:29
05 Power Field B-Ball Tatsuya Nishimura 1:48
06 Unknown Tatsuya Nishimura 0:20


(Source; Bases Loaded 3 & 4 musical comparison; game probably lacks credits.)

It is possible, but unlikely that the game may have staff credits. To get the composer for this soundtrack, we have compared its music with another TOSE game that was released the same year, Bases Loaded 3 which credits an alias for Tatsuya Nishimura. The music in Bases Loaded 3 and 4 have identical music.

Game Rip






The recording was made in VirtuaNSF. Ripping NES music is a very arduous process that is beyond the scope of this site.

  • NSF RERIPPED ON 2017.12.13 BY MRNORBERT1994.*


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Title: UForce Power Games
Platform: NES
Released: Unreleased
Publisher: Broderbund