Tube Panic (ARC)

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Tube Panic
Tube Panic - ARC - EU.jpg
Platform: Arcade
Year: 1984
Developer: Fujitek

Tube Panic is an arcade game developed by Fujitek and published by Nichibutsu.

The game plays similar to Tempest (ARC), where the player moves through tube-shaped passages and must attack enemies.


Tube Panic - ARC - Title Screen.png

The game's title screen.

Tube Panic - ARC - Gameplay 1.png

In the straight passage.

Tube Panic - ARC - Gameplay 2.png

In the tube passage.


The game has some good music, especially for a game from 1984. It appears the composer Ichiro Takagi had some jazz influences, as jazzy chords appear in most of the songs. Also, Ichiro added some sound effects with the music, giving it a slightly atmospheric sound. Takagi had previously scored arcade games for Irem, and was probably familiar with the sound hardware to make good music on it.

More than likely, Ichiro had to write the music in Z80 assembly machine code. He used a sound driver by Ryoichi Yamada.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Attract Mode Ichiro TakagiRyoichi Yamada 1:59
02 Start Ichiro TakagiRyoichi Yamada 0:07
03 Docking Sequence 1 Ichiro TakagiRyoichi Yamada 0:09
04 Docking Sequence 2 Ichiro TakagiRyoichi Yamada 0:09
05 Ending Ichiro TakagiRyoichi Yamada 0:48
06 Game Over Ichiro TakagiRyoichi Yamada 0:02
07 Attract Mode (Game Completed) Ichiro TakagiRyoichi Yamada 2:15



It's surprising that a game developed this early has credits, but it does. Ichiro Takagi is credited as a planner while Ryoichi Yamada is credited as a sound designer. However, in the comments section of a YouTube video, Ryoichi explained that he was only responsible for the game's sound programming, and that Ichiro Takagi composed the game's music;

I was the sound engineer for this game. (By the way, the composer is Mr. Takagi.)

Game Rip




Audio Devices

The game uses the YM2203 and 2 AY-3-8910 chips for music and sound playback.


  Japan.svg   Japan
Tube Panic - ARC - EU.jpg
Title: Tube Panic
Platform: Arcade
Released: 1984-??-??
Publisher: Nichibutsu