Tsutomu Fuzisawa

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Tsutomu Fuzisawa
Tsutomu Fuzisawa 01.png
Local 藤沢 勉 (ふじさわ つとむ)
Gender Male
Born 1959-03-08
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Died 1998-02-28
Aliases T. Fuzisawa, Fuzisawa
Not to be confused with Tsutomu Fuzawa.

Tsutomu Fuzisawa (born Tsutomu Fujisawa) was a Japanese game creator, producer, and character designer. He joined UPL in 1984, and was involved with nearly every title the company produced, including Penguin-kun Wars, Atomic Robo-Kid, Gomola Speed, Mutant Night and was responsible for the iconic visual design found in many of UPL's titles.

In 1987, after the release of Rad Action, he left UPL and became a freelance game designer, but continued to release works from UPL. He was also responsible for composing music and sound effects for some of the company's games.

In 1992, following the bankruptcy of UPL, he established the software house Scarab.

Fuzisawa unfortunately passed away in early 1998. His wife Noriko then took over Scarab until it's closing in 2005.


Released Title Sample Notes
1985-06-?? Penguin-kun Wars (ARC) (ぺんぎんくん Wars)
1986-09-?? XX Mission (ARC) (XXミッション) With Kiyoshi Yokoyama
1987-04-?? Rad Action (ARC) (忍者くん阿修羅の章) Sound Compose
1989-07-?? Omega Fighter (ARC) (オメガファイター)

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