Tsukushi Sasaki

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Tsukushi Sasaki
Tsukushi Sasaki - 1.jpg
Local 佐々木 筑紫 (ささき つくし)
Born 1964-??-??
Birth Place Akita, Akita Prefecture, Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases T.Sasaki, Tsukushi

Tsukushi Sasaki (better known as Tsukishi) is a Japanese composer, sound designer and sound programmer. She began her video game music career around 1989 when she started working at Mint. She worked with Mint's founder, Michiya Hirasawa, on several projects. She also worked with the late Akihiko Mori when he joined. Sasaki is the only surviving member of the group. Though she did not work on many well known soundtracks, she is perhaps best known for her work on Tecmo Secret of the Stars.

She was also known for doing parodies of songs from Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy in the game Zero Yon Champ.

Audio Development


Sasaki used a sound driver by Michiya Hirasawa. The music was entered in a custom MML. Unfortunately, none of the games she worked on made it outside of Japan.


For Tecmo Secret of the Stars, Sasaki used Tecmo's version of Nintendo's Kankichi-kun.

For the rest of her SNES games, she used a custom sound driver by Mint. The driver was possibly written by Sasaki and Hirasawa.


Released Title Sample Notes
1989-11-22 Daichikun Crisis: Do Natural (PCE) (大地くんクライシス)
1990-04-07 Ultraman Club 2: Kaette Kita Ultraman Club (FC) (ウルトラマン倶楽部2 帰ってきたウルトラマン倶楽部) Sound Effects
1991-03-08 Zero 4 Champ (PCE) (ゼロヨンチャンプ)
1991-04-05 Obocchamakun (FC) (おぼっちゃまくん)
1992-08-28 CB Chara Wars (SFC) (CBキャラウォーズ 失われたギャ〜グ) Sound Program
1992-12-23 The Combatribes (SNES) (コンバットライブス) Sound with Michiya Hirasawa.
1993-11-05 Tecmo Secret of the Stars (SNES) (アクタリオン)
1994-04-08 Shien's Revenge (SNES) (紫炎 ザ・ブレイドチェイサー) With Michiya Hirasawa and Akihiko Mori.
1994-07-15 Zen-Nippon Pro Wrestling Jet (GB) (全日本プロレス ジェット)
1994-09-23 Bassin's Black Bass with Hank Parker (SNES) (スーパーブラックバス2) With Michiya Hirasawa and Akihiko Mori.
1994-10-28 Shounen Ninja Sasuke (SFC) (少年忍者サスケ) Thanks
1994-11-25 Dragon Ball Z: Goku Hishouden (GB) (ドラゴンボールZ 悟空飛翔伝) GB Sound Design
1995-02-25 Otoboke Ninja Colosseum (SFC) (おとぼけ忍者コロシアム)
1995-04-21 Shin SD Sengokuden: Taishou Gun Retsuden (SFC) (新SD戦国伝 大将軍列伝) With Michiya Hirasawa.
1995-12-08 Othello World II: Yume to Michi e no Chousen (PS1) (オセロワールドII 夢と未知への挑戦)
1999-03-11 Hassha Ourai! Gatan Goton (PS1) (発車オーライ! ガタンゴトン)
2000-04-27 Simple 1500 Series Vol. 28: The Dungeon RPG (PS1) (SIMPLE 1500シリーズ Vol.28 THE ダンジョンRPG)
2001-03-22 The Meiro (PS1) (SIMPLE1500シリーズ Vol.57 THE 迷路)

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