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Output - NES.svg
Home Alone - NES - Treehouse.png
Composer George Sanger
Arranger Randy Linden
Released 1991-10-??
Length 0:25
BPM 150
Format NSF.png
Game Home Alone (NES)

Treehouse is the song that plays when the player (Kevin McAllister) is either at the treehouse, climbing the rope to the treehouse, or ascending the ladder that goes to the treehouse.

George Sanger wrote the song on Sonix for the Amiga. The music file was then converted to Randy Linden's sound driver.


The song follows a simple chord progression; Am F, and Bm G. Both pairs of chords play twice before changing to the next pair. The lead instrument (horns?) plays a solo throughout the entirety of the song on square channel 1, while square channel 2 accompanies with the pizzicato strings-like instrument. The triangle channel accompanies both parts on bass.

The song is in the 4/4 time signature, and like the Basement music, the song plays at 150 BPM.