Top Management II (W16)

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Top Management II (W16)
Top Management II - W16 - Japan.jpg
Platform: Windows 16
Year: 1995
Developer: Koei Co., Ltd.
For other games in the series, see Top Management.

Top Management II is one of many strategy games by Koei. Also like their strategy games, it was produced by Koei CEO Yoichi Erikawa (under the pseudonym Kou Shibusawa). It is a sequel to the original Top Management games for the MSX and PC-9801. While never released outside of Japan, the game has a similar style to the internationally-acclaimed Aerobiz series, also by Koei. According to Shibusawa, he made Top Management II in response to the fans of the original game longing for a sequel.

Top Management II is a business simulation strategy game in which the player takes on the role of a CEO of a company. The goal of the game is to meet all of the business demands within the alotted time in a scenario. There are several different scenarios that the player can choose from. which range from the late 70's to early 80's. These scenarios can last anywhere from 5 years up to 20 years, depending on the scenario selected. The player is then put up against three other companies controlled by the computer, and must be more successful than them. The player can change the difficulty of the AI if they wish.

The game was also released for PC-9801 and Super Famicom, the latter being the best known port of the game.


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Top Management II features a range of musical styles. These include rock, jazz, as well as the typical 80s ballads. An interesting feature of the Windows version is that the music test in this version lists official titles for the main in-game tunes.

The music was written by an unknown composer, most likely an employee of Koei. They wrote the music as MIDI files in an unknown sequencer, and were converted to Koei's KOB format, which is just an encrypted MIDI file. For some reason, all songs start with an 8th note of silence before the song begins, so the note positions can look off when viewed in a sequencer. The KOB file format may have been written by someone with the surname Kobayashi.


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  • Ripper: ValleyBell (MID), Doommaster1994 (WAV)
  • Recorder:
  • Game Credits:
    • Not Credited Composer: Unknown
    • FM-OPN driver for PC-9801 Version 3.11 Copyright (C) 1989-92 KOEI CO.,LTD.: Toshiyuki Tabata

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Like all other Koei games at the time, there are no credits, except for a credit to Yoichi Erikawa's pseudonym, Kou Shibusawa. The PC-9801 version's disk image credits Toshiyuki Tabata for the sound driver, but it is unknown if he actually composed the music as well.

Game Rip






The game's MIDI files are located in the root directory. However, they are XOR-encrypted as KOB files, and must be decompressed to be played back. TESTMID.MID can be found unencrypted in the game's root directory as well. The file 0000.KOB and its conversion (0000.MID) are blank files. However, the first MIDI track is titled USER EXCLUSIVE 0, and the metadata says GM_ON when game starts, so this file may simply be used to initiate the MIDI driver.

The WAV files are also located in the game's root directory. There is also a TESTWAV.WAV file in the root directory.

Audio Devices

The game only uses General MIDI for music playback, and uses digital audio for sound effects.


  Japan.svg   Japan
Top Management II - W16 - Japan.jpg
Title: トップマネジメントⅡ (Top Management II)
Platform: Windows 16
Released: 1995-??-??
Publisher: Koei Co., Ltd.