Top Management

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Top Management
Top Management - 01.png
Local トップマネジメント
Founded 1990-12-12
Last Release 1995-??-??

Top Management (トップマネジメント Toppu Manejimento) was a series developed and published by Koei, and was a part of their Education & Entertainment series. Only two games were produced for the series.

In the game, you play as a CEO who has started a company. The goal is to be the most successful business for five years in a row. Like many Koei games, there are many complex mechanics to the game. These include hiring and firing employees, raising or lowering the employees' salaries, investing in hobbies, and keeping the employees morale at a good level.

While the series was never released outside of Japan, Koei also developed a similar series called Aerobiz, which saw release outside of Japan.


Note: Top Management: Sannoudai Hen (PC98) (トップマネジメント 産能大編) has no music.

Notable Audio Personnel

None of the games in the series have credits, save for a credit for Yoichi Erikawa (under the pseudonym Kou Shibusawa). As a result, the composer for the games is unknown. The PC-9801 version is one of many Koei games to credit Toshiyuki Tabata for the sound driver, but it is unknown if he also composed the music as well.

Notable Companies